Seasonal snow removal contracts and will call plow service for Tahoma and Homewood, California

Tillery Snow Removal Service is a fully licensed and insured, family owned, and locally operated snow removal company serving Tahoma and Homewood, California, at Lake Tahoe.

Tillery Snow Removal, Tahoma, California
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If you own or rent a home in Lake Tahoe, then you know how the big, winter storms can pile up snow and make just parking in your driveway an enormous chore. During big storms, the county plows can leave massive snow berms in front of your driveway. A seasonal snow removal contract takes the stress, work, and pain away. It’s definitely the way to go if you will need access to your driveway on an ongoing basis or more than a few times during the winter. Whenever it snows more than 5 inches in 24 hours, we’ll be there to clear your driveway. Call us for a free estimate today!
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If you only need your driveway cleared one time, we offer on-demand will call snow plow service. Just came home from the slopes only to find a berm blocking your driveway? Or just arrived to the Tahoma neighborhood to find a glacier where your driveway should be? We’re happy to help, and our plow operators are radio dispatched. Give us a call, and we’ll come to you! If possible, give us some advance notice, so we can get you in the schedule and reduce your wait time.

We are the only Tahoma company 100% dedicated to snow removal

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We use heavy-duty, 4WD Trackless MT5 tractors to power our snow blowers. Although the terms “snow plow” and “snow blower” are often used interchangeably, there is a big difference! Our tractors are equipped with powerful, rotary snow blowers, allowing us to put the snow completely off your driveway and exactly where you want it. Some snow removal services use snow plows only equipped with a front blade or bucket, which means they do more pushing than removing, almost always leaving a berm at the end of the driveway and often causing more driveway damage. Our way is much better!
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Mike and Sheila Tillery are the local family owners of Tillery Snow Removal. They have been living in Tahoma for over 35 years and know the surrounding area like the back of their hands. Mike was a masonry contractor for many years before starting a snow removal company. Sheila runs our office, and will probably be the friendly voice that answers your call. The company is fully licensed and insured, and hires local operators with years of experience. We are the only company 100% dedicated to snow removal in our area. Choose us as your Tahoma snow removal service!



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